Data Management

Management of data has gained extreme importance for the efficient running of a business. Organizing and processing huge amounts of data generated by organizations in printed, electronic and other formats is quintessential. Organizations can greatly benefit by outsourcing this task to specialist data entry service providers. Data entry services, as a segment, has become the easiest and the safest back office operation to outsource, delivering significant cost advantages to those who try it. By outsourcing data entry, companies can cut their overhead and allocate their precious internal resources towards more productive core activities.

Our  BPO’s experience with data entry and management related work is deep. We have worked on data entry related to simple catalogue input to complex tax processing data entry type of work.A team of highly trained professionals constantly provide service round the clock to clients world over.

Benefits that our clients experience with us include:

    • High levels of accuracy ( > 99% accuracy)
    • Fast turnaround time from time of confirmation to completion
    • Possibility of extra quality checks by modifying the process
    • Flexibility in ramp-up / ramp-down of team
    • Ramp-up time as low as 2 weeks depending on type of data

Data Entry Services

This could be something as simple as inputting company names in a database. Typical projects range from a month to multi-year based on the amount of data entry the clients want done.

Data conversion Services

The multi-level data conversion procedure converts unorganized data from one operating system or format to another. Popular inputs of data include PDF, XML, word documents, HTML, ASCII which are then converted to the desired output formats. With our data conversion services you can change your data into a portable and compressed form, make document management easy, allow discarding any and all redundant data, update, access, and organize them as soft copies for future reference and usage.

Document Management Services

As the number of documents increase exponentially in the enterprise, there is a need to manage and digitize the documents in order to handle large volumes or to archive them. Through Our BPO’s enterprise document management services, clients have their documents prepared, categorized, scanned, annotated, indexed and stored for future retrieval at a very high level of speed and accuracy.

OCR Scanning Services

Through Our OCR scanning services, clients around the world have been able to save time and costs by outsourcing their entire OCR process to Akiilesh. Documents such as bills, receipts, accounting statements and other official papers are scanned and tagged by Akiilesh to deliver high quality scans that can reduce office clutter and maintain records digitally for the long term.

Catalog management

With the increase of online trade, online stores, e-commerce etc., there is a strong need to have digital catalog management processes. It involves a lot of mundane work such as paper to digital catalog conversion, designing the catalog image,  merging the design elements and updating them with respect to  product features, product prices, product innovations, shipping policies, etc. Akiilesh BPO has strong experience in helping manage catalogs for its clients with precision and speed.